Delta Green: The Way It Went Down, Vol. 2 (paperback)

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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets modern-day conspiracy in Delta Green: The Way It Went Down, Vol. 2. Award-winning author Dennis Detwiller brings you twenty-four glimpses of horror and personal apocalypse. Available in paperback and ebook.
  • Bringing Work Home
  • Baptism
  • Go and Sleep No More
  • The Sea and Time
  • Farming
  • Last (and/or) Only
  • Lost and Found
  • Escape
  • Change Is Like a Season
  • In the Shuffle
  • Dad
  • On the Strange Events at Prentice Farms
  • Single Vehicle Fatality
  • Family
  • A Kindness
  • 4W0HERE6-8AMI175
  • Trust Falls
  • Charlie is Lost
  • Involuntary
  • That Which Provides
  • Spawning
  • Isolation
  • Collections
  • We Were Not the First, A Suicide Rant