Delta Green Evidence Kit: God's Teeth (paperback)

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The campaign Delta Green: God’s Teeth takes Agents through horrors beyond imagining. In this evidence kit we bring to light moments best left in darkness. Gathered by God’s Teeth chapter, these pieces evoke the awful truths of the threats that face the Agents. This kit asks players to see themselves and the powers that claim them. It scatters hints and implications like shards of shattered glass.

  • GO FORTH: Fragments from the Agents’ world and a summary of a dreadful tome.
  • THE LONG YEARS: Maps of pursuit of a foe in dire need of destruction.
  • WHITE TEETH: A pamphlet, a flyer, a birth certificate, a map; a glimpse of a video that gets more distressing with every view; summaries of important texts.
  • THE SPIRAL: Covers and summaries of seven books on the life of the Agents’ most dangerous foe.
  • THE HIDDEN GOD: A summary of the enemy’s deepest secrets and a poster that holds the rules by which lives and souls are ruined.
  • SREDNI VASHTAR: He was a god who laid some special stress on the fierce impatient side of things.

Every purchase of this evidence kit includes a free PDF download.

Print these handouts for yourself. Share them on the table, the bulletin board, the screen, the clean white wall. Wherever the players gather, a Nameless God waits.