Delta Green Evidence Kit: The Labyrinth (paperback)

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Delta Green: The Labyrinth presented new allies, threats, and victims for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. Their exposure to unnatural horrors may lead your Agents to annihilating revelations.

This evidence kit accompanies The Labyrinth. Its 45 handouts help you bring that guttering world to life.
  • THE CENTER FOR THE MISSING CHILD: business cards, flyers, and a grim case report
  • THE DREAM SYNDICATE: a damning chat log
  • AGENT RENKO: secret documents and a frightful ritual
  • THE WITNESS ALLIANCE: a business card, a news report, and a redacted horror
  • NEW LIFE FERTILITY: inspiring corporate literature and appalling communiqués
  • THE LONELY: a manifesto and five covers to wrap around books better forgotten
  • THE SOWERS: a welcoming flyer and a distressing prayer
  • THE PRANA SODALITY: six news articles and insider blog posts
Every purchase of Evidence Kit: The Labyrinth includes a free PDF download and high-resolution images. Print these handouts for yourself. Think of them on your table or wall. Think of sharing them with your players. Think of anything but their awful truths.