Delta Green: Extraordinary Renditions (paperback)

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Lovecraftian cosmic terror meets modern-day conspiracy in 18 tales of horror and personal apocalypse:

  • "The Color of Dust" by Laurel Halbany.
  • "PAPERCLIP" by Kenneth Hite.
  • "A Spider With Barbed-Wire Legs" by Davide Mana.
  • "Le Pain Maudit" by Jeff C. Carter.
  • "Cracks in the Door" by Jason Mical.
  • "Ganzfeld Gate" by Cody Goodfellow.
  • "Utopia" by David Farnell.
  • "The Perplexing Demise of Stooge Wilson" by David J. Fielding.
  • "Dark" by Daniel Harms.
  • "Morning in America" by James Lowder.
  • "Boxes Inside Boxes" and "The Mirror Maze" by Dennis Detwiller.
  • "A Question of Memory" by Greg Stolze.
  • "Pluperfect" by Ray Winninger.
  • "Friendly Advice" by Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan.
  • "Passing the Torch" by Adam Scott Glancy.
  • "The Lucky Ones" by John Scott Tynes.
  • "Syndemic" and an introduction by Shane Ivey.

These stories are recommended for mature readers.

Excerpted from the introduction:

We know a program called Delta Green really existed. You can find a couple of references to it in documents uncovered by Freedom of Information Act requests. Delta Green was a psychological operations unit in World War II, created to take advantage of the bizarre occult beliefs of Axis leaders. The public documents, which may have been released with the name unredacted by mistake, don’t say whether it had any success. The OSS was shut down after the war. Many of its people helped launch the CIA in 1947. We can only speculate whether the OSS’s lessons from Delta Green informed the CIA’s notorious psychological operations in the coming decades. 

Conspiracy theorists have done more than speculate. Delta Green came back as a secret project to track down Nazis after the war, they say. Delta Green brought federal agents, spies, and special forces together for missions too secret even for the CIA. Delta Green was the precursor and rival to Majestic-12, the U.S. government conspiracy that allied itself with aliens after Roswell. Delta Green fights otherworldly monsters and evil sorcerers under the cover of the Global War on Terror. Once you climb into the rabbit hole, the fall never ends.

In this book we turn up tales from the rabbit hole: Delta Green case histories rendered as short stories.

They begin in the Dust Bowl, with a Naval intelligence unit supposedly called “P4” and memories of the abandoned New England town of Innsmouth (another bottomless well of conspiracy theories).

They look at the days after World War II when secret agents pursued Nazis all over Europe, the early CIA attempted its first infamous schemes, and anticommunist witch-hunts seized on American terrors back home.

They bring us through the Cold War desperation of the Seventies and Eighties, when America was shocked by its own crimes and Delta Green allegedly went underground again.

And they come to the present day, and a Delta Green divided after it rebuilt itself in the secret government—but many old outlaws refused to trust the new order.