The 'King in Yellow' Tarot Deck

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The play The King in Yellow has haunted imaginations like a dirge since its first appearance in 1895. But among the fortune-tellers of Europe, the play was not the fearful beginning of something new but the culmination of something older: the "King in Yellow" tarot.

Daniel Harms and John Scott Tynes, famous clairvoyants, divined the forms and portents of this Carcosan deck. Painter Kurt Komoda, in a fevered fugue of inspiration, reproduced designs thought long lost.

Spread the cards. Let the King in Yellow tell your fate. There is no other who could. After all, you have seen the Yellow Sign.

The "King in Yellow" tarot is a complete deck of 78 cards, in full color, sturdy cards with a soothing, silky finish, inspired by the works of Robert W. Chambers. An accompanying 28-page guide explores the history of the deck and recommends, hesitantly, its technique. A complete PDF of cards and guide comes with your order.