Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man (paperback)

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Welcome to the Land of Dreams

From a squalid New York drug den to the spectral ruins of Sarkomand . . .

From the horrors of the Underworld to the zoog-haunted Enchanted Wood . . .

From the twilight city of Inquanok to the endless sunset of Ilek-Vad . . .

All the wonders of dream await—and all the terrors of nightmare, too.

The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man is a full-length Call of Cthulhu (Sixth Edition) campaign of adventure, cosmic mystery, and deepest fear set in the Dreamlands of H.P. Lovecraft. The player characters—the Dreamers—explore the breadth of the otherworldly Dreamlands seeking a way back to the lives that they left behind. But can they survive the countless dangers of a world of dream—and the strange emnity of Nyarlathotep, the messenger and soul of the Outer Gods, when they fall under his capricious gaze?


  • Foreword
  • Chapter One: Character Creation
  • Chapter Two: Mr. Lao
  • Chapter Three: Life In a Dream
  • Chapter Four: Sarkomand
  • Chapter Five: Travel by Sea
  • Chapter Six: Wandering
  • Chapter Seven: The Underworld
  • Chapter Eight: Inquanok
  • Chapter Nine: Lhosk
  • Chapter Ten: Ilek-Vad
  • Chapter Eleven: Sarnath
  • Chapter Twelve: Ulthar
  • Chapter Thirteen: Return to Earth
  • Appendix A: New Spells
  • Appendix B: Prisoners of the Ebony Temple
  • Index

The Sense of the Sleight-of-Hand Man is written and illustrated by Origins Award-winning author and artist Dennis Detwiller, with editing and page design by Ennie Award-winning editor Shane Ivey. 

Steady your nerves, if you can, and close your eyes to the waking world. Sarkomand awaits.