Delta Green: Convergence (paperback)

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September, 1996. In a small Tennessee town, teenager Billy Ray Spivey vanishes for two days without explanation and comes back changed. When he uses unnatural powers to kill two people, conspiracy theorists blame UFOs. Delta Green has other suspicions. A team of agents heads to Groversville to find the truth, but they may become the next victims.

Written by John Scott Tynes, Convergence was the first Delta Green scenario ever published. Delta Green’s illegal conspiracy of government agents exploit their positions and connections to cover up lethal incursions from beyond time and space, facing the madness so that no one else must.

Convergence has blighted the nightmares of unwitting players since it first appeared in 1992. This edition has been thoroughly edited and updated for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game and it accompanies Delta Green: The Conspiracy, a sourcebook for terrors in the Nineties.

This is the horror that started it all. Prepare your briefing. Gather your players. Give them our best wishes. None of you will ever be the same.