Delta Green: Dead Letter (paperback)

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September 5, 1998. A friendly in the U.S. Postal Inspection Service intercepts a package that leaks strange chemicals. A package that rustles. As if something inside is moving. 

The moment the inspector opens that package, it becomes a Delta Green op. 

Now your Agents must pursue horrors and vicious foes from Berkeley to rural Montana. They must confront a hideous threat thought long dead. After all, in the world of Delta Green—the world its Agents kill and die to conceal—even death may die. 

Dead Letter is a complete scenario for Delta Green, the role-playing game of Lovecraftian horror and conspiracy. It is playable with the full rules in the Agent’s Handbook or the quickstart rules in Delta Green: Need to Know, available from Arc Dream Publishing. It makes a perfect companion to the acclaimed setting book Delta Green: The Conspiracy. Learn more at