Delta Green: Puppet Shows & Shadow Plays (paperback)

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Death on the Devil's Highway

Thirteen people have vanished along Highway 70 in the Arizona desert. That stretch of road—the press already calls it the “Devil’s Highway”—runs through the San Carlos Apache Indian Reservation. Tribal police and state investigators are at a loss. Now the FBI steps in. It sends your agents. They may find a trail of terror that leads far from Arizona and a deeper evil than they can hope to overcome.

Set in the late 1990s, “Puppet Shows and Shadow Plays” is an introductory scenario for Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game. It accompanies the Nineties sourcebook Delta Green: The Conspiracy. The players’ Agents can be members of the Delta Green conspiracy or newcomers who have no idea what to expect. The Devil’s Highway may drive survivors to a grim initiation. Once they see the unnatural threats that Delta Green confronts, can they ever turn away?