Delta Green Coffee Mug

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Black ceramic mug with distressed green printing. Delta Green "Scientia Mors Est" seal on one side and a green delta and the words "DELTA GREEN" on the other.

This 19 oz mug holds a massive amount of whatever liquid courage you need to get through an op or recover from it.

Our mugs were printed using lead-free ceramic enamel for direct screen printing on glass and ceramic vessels. This ensures the safety of the products for both consumers and the environment. The firing temperature of approximately 1150 degrees Fahrenheit is quite high and ensures a durable and long-lasting imprint.

The ceramic enamel used is dishwasher safe, however, it's essential to be aware of the potential risks associated with highly acidic water and cleaners, such as Lemishine and citric acid. Highly acidic cleaners / water will cause the enamel to dull and wipe off.