Delta Green: Meridian (paperback)

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Joplin, Missouri. The crossroads of America. In the dying days of summer 2018, two investigators drive into town from Washington, D.C., on a case that looks like a waste of time and resources: to investigate the finances of a rural shelter for homeless youth. It looks like poison to careers that are already on life support. Unless there’s more to it. Unless the ghostly lights of tall tales really do rise over the black woods. Unless the leaves whisper with memories beyond life and death.

Delta Green has to find new Agents somewhere.

Meridian introduces two such recruits, beleaguered federal agents from a career-killing task force. They seek a church too poor to follow the law. They find something else entirely.

Meridian is a complete scenario for Delta Green, the role-playing game of Lovecraftian horror and conspiracy. It is playable with the full rules in Delta Green: The Role-Playing Game or the free quickstart rules in Delta Green: Need to Know. Learn more at