Delta Green: Tales from Failed Anatomies (paperback)

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Stories by award-winning author and game designer Dennis Detwiller.

These tales of cosmic terror and personal horror span the life of Delta Green, the desperate organization that Detwiller helped create: a group of men and women who have seen the awful truths of reality and struggle to keep those realities at bay as long as they can.

  • Introduction (by John Scott Tynes)
  • Foreword: The Alien Thoughts, Part 1 (by Robin D. Laws)
  • Intelligences (1928)
  • The File (1942)
  • Night and Water (1944)
  • Dead, Death, Dying (1955)
  • Punching (1964)
  • The Secrets No One Knows (1968)
  • Coming Home (1974)
  • The Thing in the Pit (1977)
  • Drowning in Sand (1981)
  • Contingencies (1984)
  • Philosophy (1993)
  • Witch Hunt (2015)
  • After Math (20XX)
  • Afterword: The Alien Thoughts, Part 2 (by Robin D. Laws)


  • Diehard GameFAN ("Not only top notch from beginning to end but it’s currently the best tabletop related fiction I’ve read this year.")