Delta Green: The Good Life (paperback)

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The wealthy Atlanta suburb of Druid Hills hides secrets. For decades, its children have vanished from public view, withdrawn from school, never reported missing but never seen again. Retired detective Joe Dawant and the nonprofit Center for the Missing Child take an interest. They have witnessed countless crimes visited upon the vulnerable. Are even the wealthiest and most privileged not safe?

But the gates of Druid Hills are shut. They want nothing to do with outside investigators. They have property values and family values to protect. They have police and politicians on their side. They have houses filled with finery, basement chambers no one suspects, and appetites they need not explain. When Dawant asks Delta Green for help, your Agents may learn just how deep the horrors of Southern prosperity can go.

The Good Life is a complete scenario for Delta Green, the role-playing game of
Lovecraftian horror and conspiracy. Written by John Scott Tynes, it complements the sourcebook Delta Green: The Labyrinth, building upon one of the factions presented in that tome. The Good Life is playable with the full rules in the Agent’s Handbook or the quickstart rules in Delta Green: Need to Know, available from Arc Dream Publishing. Learn more at