GODLIKE: Donar's Hammer (paperback)

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It is July 1943, and the greatest naval armada the world has ever seen is driving through the night toward Sicily. Before it gets there, a small team of American Talents and veteran British soldiers has a critical mission to accomplish behind enemy lines -- find and neutralize Mjollnir, a superhuman German Ubermensch capable of sinking the mightiest Allied ships with a glance.

Donar's Hammer has plenty to appeal to newcomers to Godlike and veterans alike, including often-requested rules for handling large groups of soldiers quickly in combat, guidelines for converting to and from D20 game systems, complete D20 stats for all characters, new rules for interrogation, and, of course, the mix of intensively researched history and hard-hitting superheroic action that makes Godlike unique.

Check your parachute -- it's time to jump. Sicily is waiting!