GODLIKE: Game Moderator's Screen (laminated cardstock)

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Comes with free PDF download.

With a beautiful painting by Samuel Araya (Wild Talents, Unknown Armies), the GODLIKE GM Screen is the perfect centerpiece to any game table. The three-panel interior has every rule and chart a GM needs to run a fast, thrilling GODLIKE adventure.


  • Hyperstats
  • Hyperskills
  • Custom Miracles
  • "Cafeteria" Miracles
  • Using Powers Defensively


  • The Dice-Pool "Bell Curve"
  • Body Stat Effects
  • Combat Round Breakdown
  • Special Attacks
  • Called Shots
  • Multiple Actions
  • Hit Location Effects


  • Standard Weapons Table
  • Range
  • Aiming


  • What Will is Good For
  • Gaining Will
  • Losing Will