GODLIKE: Intelligence Bulletin No. 2: Talent Operations Groups (paperback)

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Written by Godlike, author Dennis Detwiller (multiple Origins Award winner for Delta Green, Delta Green: Countdown, The Hills Rise Wild and more), Talent Operations Command Intelligence Bulletin No. 2: Talent Operations Groups is a player-oriented manual detailing the training, tactics, weapons, and experiences of superpowered Talents caught up in the grimmest war in history.

Unlike moderator-oriented sourcebooks, the Bulletin is meant for every player in a Godlike game. It answers the first questions that players have about Godlike's setting: What's the war like for Allied commandos in the 1940s? How are they trained? What's the difference between the M1 rifle and the M1 carbine? How do the Germans patrol and attack? How do I call in artillery when I need it? What does a typical Talent Operations Group commando carry into combat?

Written from the perspective of the very soldiers and officers who train the Talent commandos, the Bulletin immediately immerses players in the world of their characters.