Wild Talents: White Knights, Black Hearts (PDF only)

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Can you dig this much action? 

"White Knights, Black Hearts" is a WILD TALENTS adventure about street-level superheroes in world-class danger. It's the sweaty summer of 1975, and you play the Talents who keep an eye on the troubled neighborhoods where the big city's official superheroes, the White Knights, can't be bothered to stick their noses. But that all changes when a little girl gets killed and YOUR team is at the top of the list of suspects.

Now you've got the cops and the White Knights on your tail while you try to figure out who really killed that little girl. And the deeper you dig, the uglier it gets. 

The streets have never been meaner.

"White Knights, Black Hearts" includes six pregenerated characters ready for play, and guidelines for bringing your own characters to the streets of Red Shore.

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